Known History of the World

4300 years ago – Rise of the Diim Imperium
The Diim Imperium rises to power, using advanced magic to unite their continent by a combination of force and diplomacy.

3100 years ago – The Great Draconic Purification
The greatest dragons from each color conduct a massive ritual, which kills all other dragons and concentrates the magical essence of dragonkind into themselves, hereafter known as the Ten Dragons. They then begin a campaign of extermination against the Diim Imperium.

2700 years ago – The Drak’na’vor
With the Diim Imperium reduced to only one pocket of shielded survivors, the Ten Dragons construct the Drak’na’vor and the Ten Draconic Orbs, and call for champions from each nation to compete to rule the world, secretly controlling the champions with their orbs.

2500 years ago – The Dragon King
A mortal known as the Dragon King reverses the effects of the Draconic Orbs to control the dragons, and orders them to commit suicide. He then imparts knowledge of their parent’s crimes to the dragon’s eggs, and buries the Drak’na’vor in the former lands of Diim and surrounds the continent with magical storms.

2450 years ago – Death of the Dragon King
The Dragon King is assassinated by an unknown party, and the world descends into a period of chaos. The last survivors of Diim are nearly exterminated by a plague, leaving only the archmage and his followers alive in Odali. The archmage converts his remaining followers into golem-like forms to sustain his own life force.

2400 years ago – Fey Pact
The Fynn family in Miela interbreeds with fey to gain powers of illusion before the fey retreat into hibernation. With their illusions, the Fynns keep Ulthari invasions at bay and assume leadership of Miela.

100 years ago – The Arcane-Divine War
The Divines and Arcanes take control of Tsunith and Danor, respectively, and take the nations back to war to try to gain control of the Rod of Emotions.

3 years ago – Ulthari Revenge
The Ulthari are manipulated by Divinite Turon Davis into a beginning new series of invasions of Miela.

Known History of the World

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