Ancient Sundering Blade

weapon (melee)

On command, this +1 flaming burst scimitar burns with an incredible heat, such that the blade seems to take the form of white-hot molten metal, though it retains its shape and edge even in this state. When active, all damage dealt by the Steelcutter is converted to fire damage, it sheds light as a torch, and the weapon itself becomes immune to fire damage. Additionally, the blade’s heat is sufficient to slice through most materials, and it ignores up to 10 points of hardness of any object or construct it hits. The heat does not harm the wielder or their equipment.


Long ago, an army of humans advanced into the natural world and harvested all life in their path to fuel their industrial empire. An army of druids and fey, and allies who fought to protect nature, rose against the humans, but they ultimately failed. A lone druid watched as dozens of ancient fey and venerable druids were mercilessly felled and even desecrated by the invaders, but powerless to turn the tide, hid until the battle passed.

Once the human army left, he was consumed with the need for vengeance, and took up one of the human’s fallen swords, and poured into it all of his burning rage. He abandoned his customs by wielding a metal weapon, but his sole goal was to destroy the invaders, and he launched a one-man campaign against them, his sword’s burning fury slicing through the invader’s constructs, weapons and armor before finally destroying their flesh as well.

The ultimate fate of the druid is unknown, but this sword has survived to this day, and still forever smolders with flame waiting to be released.


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